Light Reading

These wasted books are used to create an attractive chandelier


Sun Sill is a device mounted under a window to automatically track and redirect sunlight indoors

Sun Punch Cocktail Set

Sun Punch is a set of prismatic glasses and jugs that create beautiful patterns of refracted light, shadow and rainbows.

Winter Tide

A collection of lights which continually transform from liquid to solid producing beautiful crystal patterns.


CAPtivate is an ambient light that you personalise withs collected bottle caps creating different colours and patterns.

Desk Executive

An intimidating desk with vertical drawers and various wood veneers

Electric Ballroom

A portable umbrella light

Watch Part Jewellery

Jewellery made from the insides of broken watches

Back In The Saddle

Commissioned by North South Ideas Gallery. Made from old bicycle saddles

Levis Pride Floats and installations

Carnival floats with sound systems


Lumiere Festival with, Kings Cross, London

Virtual Reality Helmets

Working with we created these virtual reality helmets

Magpie Collection

A series of beautifully crafted glass bottles and containers for storing homemade cosmetics.